• Benefits & Perks

    Vibrant offers competitive benefits to support all employees with access to health care, paid time off, wellness programmes, and financial security services. We believe in looking after our team and are committed to ensuring that we meet our employees’ needs, inside and outside of the office.

    Vibrant provides eligible employees paid time off for rest and recreation, personal business, personal illness or illness of another family member and other situations where the employee may need to take time off from work.

    • Years 0-3: 15 days vacation
    • Years 3-5: 20 days vacation
    • Years 5+: 25 days vacation
    Other leave
    • Holidays
    • Floating Holidays
    • Sick Leave

    Vibrant understands the importance of your finances

    Pre-Tax Benefits

    Vibrant offers pre-tax benefits that allow employees to set aside pre-tax dollars for their annual dependent care, health care, or commuter expenses.

    • Medical Flexible Spending Account
    • Commuter and Parking
    Voluntary Income Protection

    Vibrant offers voluntary Disability, Life, and AD&D Insurance to provide employees and their families with financial income protection.

    • Short Term Disability
    • Long Term Disability
    • Life and AD&D

    Vibrant provides 401K benefits to allow employees to plan for their retirement through pre-tax or post-tax contributions.

    • Pre-tax 401K
    • Roth 401K

    We understand how expensive benefits costs can be to our employees and their families. Vibrant covers all US employee premiums at 100%, which means nothing is deducted out of our employee paychecks to cover premiums for our medical, dental, and vision plans. Vibrant also covers family members and eligible domestic partners at 65%.


    Comprehensive medical coverage that offers eligible employees low out-of-pocket costs, prescription drugs, and preventative benefits. Employees enrolled in our medical plan are also automatically enrolled in basic Life and AD&D coverage for free! Also, our medical provider offers 24/7 Nurse Help and toll-free counselling services for personal, financial and legal questions.


    Comprehensive dental benefits


    Comprehensive vision coverage

    Vibrant covers all US employee premiums at 100%

    Training and Development

    Vibrant’s training curriculum focuses on developing our employees with the professional skills and industry knowledge to help achieve success in their roles and in their careers. Vibrant assesses new learning opportunities for all employees based upon company goals, team objectives, as well as individual personal growth goals.

    Worldwide Emergency Travel Assistance

    Worldwide emergency travel assistance is offered to our employees for medical emergencies when traveling.

    Employee Referral Program

    Earn up to $5,000 for employee-referred hires.

    Beverages and More

    Snacks, fruit and drinks provided.



    Gorgeous views from every office and exciting team activities.

    Earn up to $5,000 for employee-referred hires.