To position Bose as a leader in headphone products by showcasing the latest line of products and aligning the brand to contemporary relevant topics like music and sport, which interest and engage the target audience.

    Contextual Strategy

    The Mosaic ran across Vibrant’s premium men’s and women’s lifestyle. Some of our top performing sites included HeatWorld and MensFitness. Articles with content discussing the product, sound awareness, the latest tech, music and fashion, were selected as the perfect content to natively run the campaign. As the unit incorporated lots of cool and relevant content like music, it was a natural fit to have the campaign run in entertainment and music articles targeted at the millennial audience.

    Creative Execution

    The campaign used Mosaic to showcase the full range of image, video and social feed content. Simple images tiles of different headphone products and young adults wearing the headphones were selected to resonate with the target audience.