Clairol wanted to maximize awareness of their ‘True Colour’ range and its affiliation with Christina Hendricks. They wanted to drive traffic to their site, deliver scale and impact, whilst driving desirability. They also wanted the campaign to react in real-time to events involving Christina Hendricks.

    Creative Execution

    As the main goal of the campaign was to drive traffic to the ‘Christina Hendricks’ destination hub, Vibrant suggested InText to help raise awareness.

    to grab attention of users whilst they were reading relevant editorial articles, the ad contained a strong image of Christina with clear call to action features.

    Contextual Word Strategy

    Clairol wanted their ad to appear around content that featured their brand ambassador, so Vibrant suggested reacting in real time by serving the ad on any positive articles about the actress and Mad Men, as and when they appeared online. To achieve scale, Vibrant also added other key word lists which included branding, additional mad men characters, actors, celebrities and specific hair and beauty emotive words.

    The campaign ran across female lifestyle and beauty sites to help achieve this.

    By combining a mixture of product, vertical and real-time keywords, the campaign was able to deliver extremely high results.