EMC wanted to showcase their new product launch ‘Xtremio’ which offered IT infrastructure services to businesses. Vibrant was tasked with driving saliency of the EMC Xtremio brand by allowing IT Decision Maker’s to discover and engage with content in a contextually relevant environment.

    Target Audience:

    IT Decision Makers


    UK, USA, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan.

    Contextual Strategy

    The campaign was targeted to IT Pro verticals such as ITPro, ChannelPro, ITProNews, ChannelPartner, CIO AND CloudPro launching from relevant content according to the Mosaic theme ( Virtual Server, VDI AND Database). These were targeted across all markets. The campaign first ran across EMEA as well as US. Following the success the same mosaics were used for the APAC region. The ad units were launched from keywords such as: Data Storage, Back-up solution, File Storage, Infrastructure efficiency, Database Application, Virtual Servers, Enterprise Storage.

    Creative Execution

    Mosaic was selected due to its interactive nature and content surfacing capabilities. Bespoke tiles were created that showcased whitepapers, imagery, videos as well as incorporating their custom EMC Xtremio Twitter account. As there were three themes for the campaign, each theme had a Mosaic which had the relevant content relating to that theme (Videos, imagery, Whitepapers). The highly targeted approach at scale, helped to achieve both above average dwell and tile interaction rates.