IBM wanted to drive traffic to their Wimbledon game: a multi device activity where players could be an umpire on a prerecorded game. They wanted their campaign to be reactive to tennis and Wimbledon related content and to focus on trending keywords

    Contextual Strategy

    In order to capture the relevant audience, the main priority was to run the campaign across key premium sport and entertainment sites. Optimising towards Wimbledon related content and targeting keywords around the tennis tournament, would help achieve campaigns success.

    Creative Execution

    Using Vibrant’s In-Text solutions, IBM were able to get users to interact with the Wimbledon affiliated unit and to drive traffic through to their website as a result.  The ad was set to appear around all Wimbledon content in order to truly involve the user in the interactive game and subsequently highlight the brands association with the sport.

    This campaign provides a perfect example of how brands can be reactive and front of mind in any major event. IBM, a brand associated with hard core tech were able to successfully raise awareness in a sprting arena, by capitalising on a big sporting event.