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    Generieren Sie zusätzliche Werbeerlöse mit bislang ungenutztem Werberaum durch relevante user-initiierte Anzeigen. Vermarkten Sie Ihre bestehenden redaktionellen Texte und Bilder besser, indem Sie ihren Lesern zusätzlichen relevanten Content in Echtzeit anbieten.

    • Select and block certain sections, pages, and content areas
    • Inventory is sold on a blind basis targeting keywords and verticals
    • SafeServe™ avoids monetizing inappropriate content
    • Can select or reject specific advertisements or categories
    • Set maximum number of links/ads per page
    • Online reporting via a publisher dashboard



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    Native Solutions in relevant content

    Our technology analyses your content in real-time to ensure maximum ad relevancy. Our research shows that consumers are more likely to think favourably on an advert when its relevant to the content they are reading. Our native product suite makes your editorial and images work harder by generating you incremental revenue, without you sacrificing your premium ad preferences.

    Designed to be Viewable

    Our ads are user initiated and by their very nature – highly viewable. Recent stats on our campaigns from Moat/Integral Science shows our ads are 88% viewable, two-times the industry average. The wider issue of viewability has become a major talking point for the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), and is the top priority for its new Making Measurement Make Sense (3MS) initiative – a joint venture with the Media Ratings Council (MRC).

    Positive user experience

    Our formats are designed to be engaging, with the user never needing to leave your pages to view brand videos, images and social feeds. Now more than ever advert creatives need to be compelling enough to keep users engaged. This is where our Creative team steps in. They curate compelling content so brands can really tell their stories.

    All delivered cross platform

    All our products are responsively designed to be delivered across all devices, helping publishers to monetize mobile traffic. We know consumers are typically on desktop devices from 9-6. Before and after this time, they are engaging with content on their smartphones and tablets. ComScore predicts that this year mobile browsing will overtake desktop. Whether your content is being viewed on a desktop, table or mobile, our adverts load seamlessly.

    View our products

    The original native advertising platform. Our brand advertising, content marketing and programmatic solutions are launched from relevant words, images and video in premium editorial. We attract quality consumers and brands because we partner with credible and premium publishers.

    It’s easy to start too. A single line of Vibrant code is implemented into the publisher’s content management system.

    Publisher places the code above the </body> tag in areas where they would like ads to appear. And voila, you are ready to start providing your users with useful, relevant brand messages, whilst earning incremental revenue. We will ensure you have a dedicated account person who is always available to help.

    Vibrant will not work with websites that contain, promote or link directly to certain types of content. This includes but is not limited to:

    • Violent content, racial intolerance, defamatory, libelous, threatening or other material that advocates against any individual or organization
    • Pornography and adult-orientated content
    • Illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia
    • Excessive vulgar, profane or obscene language
    • Gambling content
    • Promotion of weapons or ammunition (e.g., firearms, fighting knives, stun guns)
    • Any other content that is illegal, promotes illegal activity, or infringes on the legal rights of others

    Websites may not display Vibrant advertisements on pages with content protected by copyright law unless they have the necessary legal rights to display that content.
    These Publisher Guidelines are subject to change at Vibrant’s sole discretion.

    “We have worked with Vibrant over the last few years to help us incrementally increase our revenue. As we continue to focus on Mobile, Vibrant has helped us build out new products that allow us to take advantage of the limited ad inventory available on mobile devices in an elegant and non-intrusive way.”

    Marc Ropelato
    Director. Programmatic Revenue. Purch

    “We have been working with Vibrant for over 5 years. Our page views have grown from 100,000 per day to over 3 million per day. Every step of the way Vibrant has offered an ever evolving suite of innovative monetization opportunities. The quality of their advertisers is excellent.”

    Stuart Hochwert
    President & Founder. Prime Publishing LLC

    “Vibrant’s cross-platform formats enable us to build revenue even as our readers’ content consumption habits continue to evolve. Their formats’ Intelligent Qualification process means that only readers who wish to engage with brands see the ad content, which increases the value of our proposition to advertisers and ensures we don’t infringe on our readers’ content browsing.”

    Sarah Thomas
    Commercial Director at HonestJohn.co.uk

    “We’re very excited about our recent partnership with Vibrant Media using their innovative in-image advertising format. The ability to effectively monetize our image inventory without being intrusive to our readers is invaluable. The contextual targeting of their ad units and viewable placements makes them a valued partner for our commercial strategy. We’re looking forward to our future working relationship.”

    Christopher Hulme
    UK Sales Director at Channel 4

    “Vibrant is a key commercial partner of ours and consistent year-year increases in revenues have reinforced our trust in them as the right contextual partner in an evolving market.”

    Jason Mawer
    Head of Digital Partnerships, Northern & Shell

    “Vibrant has been a consistent commercial partner of seven years. They continue to lead the field in contextual advertising; this experience and innovation means we are offering advertisers and therefore consumers a rich experience that complements our premium editorial.”

    Gary Rayneau
    Head of Online Sales, Dennis Publishing


    When Vibrant code is added to a web page our system scans the page searching for relevant words, phrases and meta data. These are then matched against Vibrant’s database of suitable advertisers and/or content.

    Vibrant In-Text Ads

    The selected advertising words are identified in green with double underlines. Once a user mouses-over the highlighted word, a clickable unit (called a ‘Tooltip’) will appear. The Tooltip contains an advertiser message and gives the user the option to click through to the message in the unit.

    Vibrant Image

    Images that meet both size requirements (min of 200×175 pixels) and brand safety elements will have image overlay ads appear. All image ads are anchored to the bottom of the image and only appear within the frame of the image.


    Content NOT accepted by Vibrant:

    • Violence
    • Pornography
    • Graphic or extreme sexual references (words and/or images)
    • Weapons
    • Gambling
    • Illegal activities
    • Material that violates intellectual property rights of third parties or promotes
    • Software piracy

    User generated content should be monitored for profanity and explicit terms

    The website should NOT:

    • Copy or frame content that is owned by another party
    • Provide incentives for users to click onto advertisements
    • Automatically install or force a user to download files/programs
    • Link to other websites that offer unapproved content as mentioned above

    Vibrant will provide you a JavaScript tag that will allow our technology to run on your web site. The correct placement of these tags is essential for performance. The JavaScript code must be placed just before the close BODY tag (< /body >) of your web pages. Vibrant code is designed to be the last element to load on a web page. Typical load time is 1 second or less after all other scripts, text and images load.

    Example of proper tag placement:*
    < !-- start Vibrant script section -- >
    < script type="text/javascript" src="//yourdomain.us.intellitxt.com/intellitxt/front.asp?ipid=1234">
    < /script >
    < !-- end Vibrant script section-- >
    < /body >
    < /html >

    *This is only an example, please use the correct tags provided specifically for your web site.

    Please note:

    1. The JavaScript line should never be broken; it must be on a single line.
    2. The JavaScript must always be placed just above the close < /body > tag.
    3. Only add the Vibrant code to pages you want Vibrant ads to be applied – preferably content rich pages. Avoid placing tags on Forms, Thank You or other pages with little to no content.
    4. Vibrant code will be limited to running on the domain of your web site. If you have other domains you would like to run us on, please let your account manager know. They will evaluate each site and if approved, new tags will be issued for that site.

    For partners who have complex site templates or content management systems that may be difficult to manipulate, Vibrant code will work efficiently without need for optimization; however, for graphically heavy or long content pages it may take a couple additional seconds for the page to fully contextualize.

    Note: Vibrant’s relevancy & optimization technology benefits from having our ad code on all pages of a site (including Home and Index pages). Please place relevant code across the site and send a note to your account manager with any URLs where you don’t want Vibrant links to appear.

    Click here for Vibrant’s WordPress Plug-in and Implementation instructions.


    Windows 98 and up

    Internet Explorer 5.0 +


    Firefox 1.0 +

    Macintosh OSX and up

    Firefox 1.0 +
    Netscape 7.0 +
    Firefox 1.0 +
    Mozilla 1.7 +
    Opera 8.5
    Mozilla 1.7 +
    Safari 1.2

    If a user is viewing your site on an unsupported browser or operating system, he will simply not see any Vibrant ads. Similarly, if the user does not have JavaScript enabled, he will not be able to see Vibrant ads.


    By default Vibrant scans every text word on a web page in search of relevant keywords and images. When we set up your Vibrant account, we go through the content pages and pick the Classes, IDs and HTML elements of the areas where Vibrant ads should not be served in. These we add as exclusions in order to ensure that i.e. titles, subtitles, headers and teaser texts do not show any Vibrant ads. Navigation lists, forms, iframes, ad links and hyperlinks are excluded from Vibrant ads by default. In cases we are not able to do these exclusions for you, we will get in touch with you and find a solution. This would be the case if a) there is no HTML style element associated with that particular content area, b) there is no CSS CLASS/ID associated with that particular content area or c) your site uses the same CSS CLASS/ID also for content where we want to serve Vibrant ads.


    Can’t see ads? There could be several reasons that Vibrant ads would not display properly on your pages. Please review the above instructions first to ensure that the Vibrant code is implemented correctly on your pages. Once this is verified, provided below is a list of common issues our partners have experienced during implementation:

    1. Did you place the JavaScript tags at the bottom of your pages just before the < /body > tag?
    2. Did you place the JavaScript on web pages served from the same domain listed in your Vibrant Agreement? In other words, if you requested tags for “mysite.com” then your pages must be served on pages from that domain.
    3. Did you use the correct tags for the content of your page? For example: On pages with computer related content, you must use the tag provided for your computer pages.
    4. Did you verify that you are using a supported browser?
    5. Is your browser JavaScript enabled? (See above section under “Supported Browsers”).
    6. Lastly, it is possible (albeit not common), that there may not be suitable advertisers for some of your pages at this time. Also, the advertising we provide is country specific – as determined by your IP address. Hence, a user viewing your site from the United States may see Vibrant ads, but a user from Finland may not.

    If the above scenarios are not applicable and you continue to experience difficulty integrating Vibrant code on your site, please contact your Account Manager for further assistance or you can contact Vibrant Support directly at: Support@vibrantmedia.com

    To help us troubleshoot a problem more effectively, please provide the following pieces of information:

    1. A brief description of the problem
    2. The browser and version you are using (e.g. IE 6.0)
    3. The operating system and version you are using (e.g. Windows 2000)
    4. Your IP address (enter http://www.ipchicken.com/)
    5. The URL of a page that illustrates the problem and the steps to replicate the issue (our engineers will use this to reproduce the error)