• Half Of Media Agency Execs Click On First Dates Arranged By Vibrant Media

    Cupid’s Stupid, But Vibrant is Valentines Smart

    Love is elusive for many media execs. Although the ad industry is known for its socialising, business networking events rarely arouse the amorous atmosphere that encourages the significant click required for romantic relationships. Conversations are more likely to be around data than dating, KPIs than kissing, native than nuptials, and LEAN advertising than love.

    So Vibrant Media, the Venus and St Valentine of the native advertising industry, is running its second annual First Dates drive. Media agency executives across the UK, keen to couple-up their colleagues with compatible companions, are completing the Vibrant Media Matchmaker. Vibrant will then perform a love bug check to match the most compatible singletons from across the media industry’s pool of prospective mates.

    Carefully selected media execs with the highest likelihood of love according to Vibrant Media will enjoy a date at the restaurant famously used for Channel 4’s First Dates TV show. On date night, each pair will be introduced to each other by Vibrant Media’s cordial chaperones over a pre-date drink. Vibrant’s chaperones then retreat to the bar during the date but will stay around until the date ends to see how each of the couples clicked.

    Helen Mussard, Vibrant’s very own Patti Stanger and VP of global marketing, said, “We achieved a significant click between the couples on fifty percent of the dates we arranged for Vibrant First Dates in 2016. That’s a click rate that rivals the performance of our digital ads. We put a lot of work into researching each dater to ensure a high likelihood of compatibility on the dates. The words used by media executives to describe their colleagues are both fun and very touching, so it encourages us to take special care to pair people with the right person. It also helps that all the participants are open to new possibilities and genuinely interested in building a relationship with someone special.”

    To suggest colleagues, media executives should complete the Vibrant Media Matchmaker and send pictures of their single work mates by Thursday 16th February. The dates are due to take place on 23rd February.

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