• New Click-Fraud and Viewability Stats Prove 86% of Vibrant Media Ads Fully Viewed By Humans

    Not just “viewable”, or partially in view, but 100% OF PIXELS VIEWED by HUMAN BEINGS

    Vibrant performs over 100% better than the industry average on mobile and 62.4% better on desktop

    Advertisers are more likely to have man rather than machine view the totality of their ad creative using ads from Vibrant Media, the original native advertising company, than that of most other ad tech providers. Three months of data on the performance of Vibrant Media’s ads was compared against Moat’s quarterly benchmarks. It found that the percentage of Vibrant Media’s ads that were fully in view to humans on desktop devices was 86.72%, and on mobiles 85.17%, compared to industry-wide benchmarks of 53.4% and 42.4% respectively.

    The Moat system used to calculate Vibrant’s ad performance separates the true human traffic from the fraudulent “invalid” traffic (IVT) – impressions that are determined to be delivered to a non-human end point. IVT includes General IVT (spiders, excessive activity, and/or data center traffic categories) and Sophisticated IVT (invalid proxy, automated browser, and/or incongruous browser traffic categories).

    Moat also calculates the viewability of ads on different bases: the 3MS standard of 50% of an ad’s pixels displaying on a screen for one second; the GroupM standard of 100% of an ad’s pixels displaying without a time limit; and an even higher standard of 100% of an ad’s pixels displaying for at least two consecutive seconds. Even on that extremely high viewability standard, Vibrant Media still beats the industry-wide benchmarks. On mobile 64.53% of ads are fully in view to humans for at least two seconds, 149.15% better than the industry benchmark. On desktop Vibrant performs 67.59% better than that metric’s industry benchmark with 59.16% of ads displaying fully to humans for at least two seconds.

    Founder and Executive Chairman of Vibrant Media, Craig Gooding, said, “Ad fraud has cost $7.2 billion to US digital advertisers alone this year. The industry must take action to ensure brands’ ads are seen by humans. As a viewability pioneer we’re taking key measures to ensure all Vibrant Media’s ads are not only viewed, but are truly seen by real people not just processors.

    “Measuring the performance of ads can be unnecessarily complicated. The simplest ad quality metric is that when a brand pays for an impression, it’s because it actually displayed to a human being for a meaningful amount of time. Our advertisers only pay for ads that meet the agreed viewability standard. One of the reasons for our ads’ superior performance is that they are integrated natively within online content rather than around it. Our tech also requires a user interaction such as a click to initiate an ad. These user initiation functions enable users to control when they view an ad. They actively choose to spend time with each ad. Consumers are much more likely to view an entire online ad when they do so on their own terms.”


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