Vibrant Creates Upfront Model For In-Text Ads; Chrysler Reserves

Shankar Gupta, Mar 5, 2007 — IN-TEXT AD FIRM VIBRANT MEDIA has begun selling its sponsored keyword ads upfront-style, allowing advertisers to reserve their terms for all of 2007, with DaimlerChrysler among the first blue-chip advertisers to reserve sponsored keywords long-term.

Previously, Vibrant sold its sponsored word ads on a short-term basis for specific campaigns. Sponsored ads appear as highlighted words in the editorial copy on publishers' sites, displaying a video or text ad when the user mouses over them.

"The upfront model has always been very strong in the television marketplace," said Vibrant CEO Doug Stevenson. "This is a great indication that major advertisers are starting to understand there's supply and demand for these terms, and they want to secure their terms upfront."

DaimlerChrysler has secured all of its brand terms--including Dodge, Viper, Jeep, Chrysler, Sebring, Aspen, Compass, Avenger, Charger, and SLR, and is currently in talks to secure the rights to words that the company hopes its brand is associated with.

"They've moved to an upfront model with us, where they've secured all of their brand and product words," said Gabe Greenberg, who heads up sales for Vibrant's autos vertical. "They can more strategically plan the messaging for the year."

Stevenson added that Vibrant is also in talks with other major advertisers across the technology, consumer electronics, and automotive verticals for longer-term word sponsorships, but declined to disclose their names.

George Murphy, senior vice president of global brand marketing for DaimlerChrysler, said that the in-text ads were attractive because they are user-initiated, allowing the viewer to decide whether to see the spot.

"The user is in control and engages with the ads through our core words, which we have exclusive ownership of throughout the year," he said. "Vibrant in-text advertising delivers innovation and effectiveness, which will remain an integral part of our media strategy for 2007 and beyond."

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