Vibrant Media Offers In-Text Video Ads

January 17, 2007, (Ken Liebeskind , iSPOT News, New York) — Vibrant Media, New York, developer of IntelliTXT in-text advertising, has recently added video clips to the format. The video ad unit will show :15 or :30 video clips after users mouse over a targeted keyword on a publisher's page. IntelliTXT is a unique format that double-underlines words and phrases inside web content to link to advertising. Advertisers buy keywords so their ads play whenever users mouse over the words on a page.

IntelliTXT originally played text ads with accompanying graphics that popped up from the keywords, but last year Vibrant Media introduced Vibrant Video, which gives advertisers the opportunity to play videos.

The system was developed by Vibrant Media, which created IntelliTXT, a text-based keyword advertising service. It differs from Google's contextual advertising products by embedding the adverts within the content of articles rather than placing them around the edge of text or on search results pages.

"The three most popular forms of video have been movie trailers, TV commercials and video game previews," said Doug Stevenson, Vibrant Media's CEO. "New Line Cinema purchased the names of their movies, so users reading about the release of movies like Final Destination can find out more. Automotive companies like Mazda have delivered their television commercials. The Learning Channel ran a campaign for its show about child obesity, Honey, We're Killing the Kids, and tied it to the word 'overweight' on health websites."

The advertising is unobtrusive because users have to mouse over the keywords to see the ads, and the sound on the video doesn't play until a few seconds after the ads starts so users can close the window before it begins. Over 1,500 publishers are playing IntelliTXT ads, including IDG, News Corp., Ziff Davis, Hearst, NBC, AMI and Hoovers, Stevenson said.

Vibrant Media also helps advertisers convert their videos in Flash.

About Vibrant
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