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In-Text ads push Vibrant Media growth

March 17, 2010, (Biz Report) — Despite the tight economic times worldwide contextual ad firm Vibrant Media is posting record growth numbers, and that growth is thanks to in-text advertising. You know, those little pop-up, hyper-linked ads? Consumers are beginning to click those ads as a way to navigate the World Wide Web, and Vibrant is banking on the trend continuing.

by Kristina Knight

So far the trend looks promising. For Q4 2009, Vibrant showed 34% growth overall, with growth in the Consumer Packaged Goods category eclipsing 65%. The company highlights the in-text ad program as the reason for the growth figures, a company spokesperson credits the in-text ads with giving consumers a brand experience complete with real results.

"We are effectively extending advertisers' keyword targeted campaigns past search and into content, delivering both accountability and branding for our advertisers," said Doug Stevenson, Vibrant Media CEO and Co-Founder.

What kind of content can be delivered through the ads? Everything from a quick link to a product page to a recipe that busy moms can make for dinner that night, complete with an ingredient ad of course. The ability to serve ads and content hand in hand is one way that content providers and publishers are creating a more user-friendly and engaging environment. By giving consumers what the information they want with the added bonus of an unobtrusive ad makes it simpler for the consumer to remain on-site.

For example, a working mom may be searching for a quick dinner idea. If that recipe comes with a coupon for an ingredient or simply uses the branded term, she is getting what she wants (the recipe) along with an ad with may influence her buying choices the next time she visits the market.

About Vibrant
Vibrant is a world leader in contextual technology, aligning billions of words across the internet with relevant video, information, tools, and advertising. With over 4,000 premium publishers, reaching more than 135 million unique users per month (comScore, May 2009), Vibrant gives top brand marketers the opportunity to deliver highly targeted advertisements within premium Web content and offers publishers premium editorial tools to re-circulate users throughout their websites. The company, founded in 2000, has offices in London, New York, Detroit, Chicago, San Francisco, Paris and Hamburg. For more information, visit:,,,