Vibrant Media Launches IntelliTXT VIDEO for User-Driven
Brand Advertising

IntelliTXT VIDEO is the First to Deliver In-text Video Creative

New York, June 12, 2006 — Vibrant Media, the world's leading provider of in-text advertising, announced today the launch of IntelliTXT VIDEO, which delivers rich media creative within an in-text ad unit for the first time. IntelliTXT VIDEO brings the targeting and measurability of contextual advertising and merges it with the awareness and branding capabilities of video advertising.

With IntelliTXT, every word across the Internet becomes an opportunity to engage consumers. IntelliTXT has always offered user-initiated text ads that appeared in a small window when the user demonstrated interest by mousing-over a double-underlined word or phrase. IntelliTXT VIDEO ads are delivered in the same way, but now offer advertisers the ability to include video with audio, Flash, or static images such as company logos.

"IntelliTXT has performed well for Microsoft's marketing initiatives, and we look forward to taking advantage of the new features that IntelliTXT VIDEO adds to the mix," said Jason Tsai, Group Interactive Media Director at Universal McCann, regarding campaigns for Microsoft. "Because IntelliTXT ads are user-initiated, user attention levels are higher. Additionally, IntelliTXT ads have the advantage of being word-targeted, allowing advertisers to associate their brands with very specific and valuable words."

IntelliTXT VIDEO campaigns give advertisers access to 65 million unique users worldwide (comScore, 2006). Vibrant Media is a full-service provider for the advertiser, offering in-text creative video services and helping to plan, buy, deliver and optimize each campaign.

"Gamers are an insanely difficult audience to impress. They are inundated with marketing messages and expect their online experience to be visually immersive," said Paul Caparotta, Advertising Manager with Ubisoft. "IntelliTXT VIDEO will enable Ubisoft to cut through the online clutter and give gamers the content they are hungry for."

Vibrant Media is currently running IntelliTXT campaigns across more than 1,100 publishers worldwide, and has expanded its global presence to deliver IntelliTXT in seven languages. The company analyzes 500 billion words and manages four billion words each month for top advertisers including Microsoft, Sony, Nike, Intel and Warner Brothers.

"Brand advertisers recognize the potential for video advertising to captivate users on the Internet," said Doug Stevenson, co-founder and CEO of Vibrant Media. "We already have the capacity to deliver 200 million user-initiated commercials to 65 million unique users each month. IntelliTXT VIDEO provides a massive online distribution opportunity to reach users in a relevant contextual environment and engage them with brands through a compelling video and audio experience."

Vibrant Media carefully selects where its IntelliTXT media campaigns run. To ensure that campaigns are delivered responsibly, Vibrant Media has established guidelines and standards for in-text delivery.

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About Vibrant Media
Vibrant Media is the world's leading provider of in-text advertising, giving marketers the opportunity to deliver highly targeted, user-initiated advertisements within the text of Web content. The company works closely with advertisers, agencies and Web publishers to plan, buy, deliver and optimize IntelliTXT advertising campaigns. Utilizing superior technology and international distribution, Vibrant Media manages more than four billion words per month for top advertisers such as Sony, Intel, New Line Cinema, Charles Schwab and Toyota. The company was founded in 2000 and has offices in New York, London, Tokyo and San Francisco. For more information, visit