Vibrant Media's Editorial Policy


Vibrant Media is a member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and the Online Publishers Association (OPA). We have established guidelines and standards within In-Text Advertising to help provide a good user experience. Vibrant Media follows the American Society of Magazine Editor's (ASME) editorial guidelines: "Hypertext links that appear within the editorial content of a site, including those within graphics, should be at the discretion of the editors. If links are paid for by advertisers, that should be disclosed to users."

  1. Vibrant In-Text Advertising cannot influence online editorial content. The IntelliTXT™ technology is implemented in real-time and deployed after editorial content is produced and posted online. Similar to many online advertising solutions, this is an automated process that cannot influence, or be influenced by, the editorial team within Vibrant Media's partner publications. See Vibrant Media's Guidelines & Standards for further clarification.

  2. Vibrant In-Text Advertising is user-initiated and designed to embrace the interactivity of the digital medium.

    • If a user is interested in the particular double-underlined word or word phrase, they have the opportunity to mouse-over it for more information.
    • When they move their mouse away the double-underlined word or word phrase ad will disappear.
    • Site users have the ability to disable Vibrant in-text advertisements from appearing on their computer screens by selecting the “Ad Choices” icon in any Vibrant ad and selecting “Disable”.

  3. Vibrant Media will not knowingly work with websites that contain, promote or link directly to certain types of content, this includes but is not limited to:

    • Violent content, racial intolerance, defamatory, libelous, threatening or other material that advocates against any individual or organization
    • Pornography and adult-orientated content
    • Illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia
    • Excessive vulgar, profane or obscene language
    • Gambling content
    • Promotion of weapons or ammunition (e.g., firearms, fighting knives, stun guns)
    • Any other content that is illegal, promotes illegal activity, or infringes on the legal rights of others

Websites may not display Vibrant Media Advertisements on pages with content protected by copyright law unless they have the necessary legal rights to display that content.

These Publisher Guidelines are subject to change at Vibrant Media's sole discretion.

Any additional inquiries about Vibrant Media's policies, standards and guidelines should be sent to

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