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Amazon Prime wanted to promote their multi-content, video service and to target 100% qualified and viewable users, in order to encourage them to consider the on-demand video platform. 


Amazon Prime Instant Video and Vibrant Media teamed up to create the industry’s first user-initiated, in-feed campaign. With an aim to increase awareness of the platform as a popular multi-content service, Vibrant launched the In-View format and worked with Amazon to achieve its core focus of distributing video views at scale . The engagement-focused format encouraged consumers to interact with the video content, from within the heart of premium, relevant, editorial . The campaign ran across contextually relevant lifestyle sites, and performed beyond expectation.


“We are always looking for innovative solutions to offer our clients. Vibrant In-View is a great example of a new format that not only works well for brands, but is in the interest of the consumer. It’s the only in-feed format that is user initiated which means we are getting qualified views from consumers that actively want to watch the brand video.”

Luc Jobrad, Senior Digital Media Exective, M2M Media

With the In-View format being geared up to showcase user-initiated video content, Vibrant was able to help Amazon Prime reach their target audience at scale. By giving consumers the choice to interact with the video, and by placing it within contextually relevant editorial the brand was able to achieve outstanding results. Completing over 100,000 views and with a 39% VTR, which is 19% higher than the industry standard, Vibrant’s In-View solution became the second highest performer on the media plan.



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