Vibrant plays matchmaker for media agency execs with important First Dates questions like ‘Brexit?’ ‘Trump?’

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As featured in The Drum on 8th February, 2017. 

Native advertising company Vibrant Media is looking to emulate the success of Channel 4 dating show, First Dates, by trying to captivate media industry execs with a Matchmaker programme.

Vibrant claims “love is elusive for many media execs” and as a result, it is looking to pair up some of the UK’s top media folk, using an intensive survey that asks questions like “distinguishing feature”, supplemented with vital character assessment with questions asking for their views on topics including ‘Brexit?’ and ‘Donald Trump?’.

The firm says that the most compatible couples (based on the assertion that they should actually share the same interests and occupation) will get a free date in the restaurant used in the show, offering a legitimate First Dates experience.

It marks a return for the campaign, with Helen Mussard, Vibrant vice-president of global marketing, claiming 2016’s First Dates “achieved a significant click between the couples on fifty percent of the dates we arranged”.

“That’s a click rate that rivals the performance of our digital ads. We put a lot of work into researching each dater to ensure a high likelihood of compatibility on the dates.

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