Immersive Advertising – Can We Put the Fun Back into Digital Media?

In Vibrant News by jstemmildt

Last week in NYC we hosted a launch party for our new immersive advertising solutions – Vibrant Insperience. However, this wasn’t your typical party. Yes we had an open bar, and yes there was a great selection of appetizers, but what made this party different was the VR stations positioned around the room. You see we wanted people to really interact. Not with each other of course… but with technology!

Vibrant Insperience is all about changing passive consumers into active participants when it comes to marketing, using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). There’s a new excitement in the marketing industry. We’ve been in a stage where many people in tech, strategy, brand management, media planning and buying have been dealing so much with the problems faced by digital advertising – using data and metrics, managing mobile, viewability, ad blocking, ad fraud, user experience and more – that much of the fun of digital advertising has fallen by the wayside. AR and VR ads bring new levels of functionality to advertising that mean consumers will interact with brands in whole new ways. Whole new fun ways!

We launched our new suite of solutions after hearing from our brands and agencies how much they were investing in 360 degree video content. It was obvious that brands wanted to truly engage people, not just convey their message by a static banner. We’d seen brands like wine producers giving 360 tours of their vineyards to tourist destinations showcasing the range of facilities through panoramic videos. But often, this great content stayed housed on their websites and social channels or was confined to apps.

Vibrant Insperience is about taking the latest and greatest content assets and using these to create immersive, interactive advertising campaigns. It’s simply another way to reach and engage consumers, allowing brands to amplify this great content they have produced. We’ve done this previously with content trends like articles, then videos, now it’s time for 360/VR & AR content.

The stats speak for themselves. Compared to 2D ads, we are seeing interaction rates of 7X, with 3X greater purchase intent. So not only are they fun, but they work!