Ad Buyers Still Uncertain How GDPR Affects Their Budgets

In Vibrant News by jstemmildt

Vibrant research featured on eMarketer

Although the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now in effect, it remains unclear to many advertisers how the new regulation will influence their ad spend.

The GDPR, which went live May 25, states that a user’s data can be used only if they give a company explicit permission. About a week before the enforcement date, Vibrant Media surveyed 32 UK senior ad buyers and found that respondents were split on how they thought GDPR would affect them.

When presented with the statement that the GDPR will lead to reduction of programmatic spend, an equal number of respondents—42%—agreed and disagreed with that notion. The remaining 16% had no opinion either way on whether GDPR will curtail programmatic dollars.

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