Brand Suitability Shows How Content Is Still King (or Queen)

In Vibrant News by bnyquist

Curated News from on October 9th, 2019

In their Brand Safety research, the Trustworthy Accountability Group Brand states, “Brand Safety is a component of a larger effort to control ad placement that a few digital advertising buyers and sellers are now starting to label as Brand Suitability.”  Brand suitability is the specific approach to content and context that matters to a particular brand, and only the brand knows what’s best for them. Common standards and other platform-level or industry-level solutions simply don’t make any sense in this case because every brand needs something different. An energy drink company, an insurance company, a toy company – each of these brands require different content and contextual guidelines.

Brands can overlook the importance of the actual content on UGC platforms in favour of audience targeting, stipulating only that content be “safe.” But, “safe” has come to mean a lot of things. Platforms rightfully focus on the eradication of dangerous and ubiquitous brand safety issues that can be managed at scale for all advertisers. The complexity comes in when brands actually want more than that, when they want content to be “suitable” to them specifically. That requires a much more granular focus on the individual creator content itself. Brands benefit most when they own brand suitability, and approach the content as a fundamental driver of their UGC media strategy.