With third-party cookies on the way out, shared IDs face an existential crisis

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Curated News from digiday.com on January 14, 2020

Shared identifiers — standardized ways of identifying and sharing user data between publishers and ad tech vendors — are likely next in line to be squashed by browser developers.

For publishers, advertisers and ad tech vendors, shared IDs are an attractive option because theoretically they provide a more reliable way to identify users online as opposed to each of those businesses having to match all of the others’ unique cookies. While the matching of different cookies can be accomplished within fractions of a second, the chances of matches being made decrease the more ad tech vendors are involved in the process. DigiTrust issues a cookie through its shared ID that can be used by both DigiTrust and IAB members, for example.

Ad tech vendors like ID5 and The Trade Desk as well as the Advertising ID Consortium and DigiTrust have created anonymous unified IDs for an individual user that publishers and their programmatic ad partners can tap to identify people online.