‘A glimpse of the internet of the future’: For a fee, Spiegel offers anti-tracking browsing

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Curated News from Digiday on February 19, 2020

As privacy regulations and internet browsers tighten up, anti-tracking options emerge from publishers.

This month, German publisher Spiegel, which publishes weekly news magazine Der Spiegel, introduced a paid, ad-free subscription offer where users have the option of not being tracked by third-parties. Spiegel Pur is a response to a number of developing trends: Tightening privacy regulations, mounting user concerns with being tracked and more internet browsers restricting cross-site tracking.

Since Feb. 10, readers visiting Spiegel have had the option to browse non-subscriber content for free with ads and ad tracking still functioning. Or, they can buy a Pur subscription without ads and ad tracking for €4.99 ($5.38) a month for non-Spiegel+ subscribers.