Forget The Cookie Apocalypse. Here Comes The ‘Adtech Renaissance’

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Curated News from Forbes on February 18, 2020

As a brand consultant, I often advise clients to consider the valence of their stories. If it has a negative valence — i.e., “the 3rd-party cookie market is crumbling” — you can get a lot of people worried. But if it has a positive valence, you can mobilize even more people to come together and take action.

I thought about this phenomenon last week when meeting with the founders of Quintesse, a new contextual intelligence platform recently launched by parent company Vibrant Media (disclosure: I consulted for Vibrant in the way back.) The way Vibrant sees it, brands and publishers that are worried about the eventual demise of the third-party cookie market — Google Chrome recently wrote the death sentence when it announced it would phase out cookies, which  trade on personal data, within two years — will soon be compelled to embrace technology designed to address their biggest challenges in the pro-privacy world. For brands, it’s all about buying audiences at a time when inventory seems to be shrinking. For publishers, it’s all about increasing that inventory. If Quintesse is right, the opportunity for both could foretell an adtech renaissance.