Contextual offers the answer to the cookie question

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Curated News from MartechCube on June 3, 2021

To marketers used to using the cookie for targeting, the next year or so is looking bleak. Apple ID is fading away in a matter of weeks, and many businesses are in a spin as to what to do. The behemoth players have all staked their claims, limiting data targeting to inside their walls only.  ID 2.0 is all but dead with no Google support and match rates in the 30% range. For marketers, it’s a nightmare as they are being forced to hand over more control over their brand. 

But, before we understand how to harness the modern era of contextual targeting solutions, let’s take a trip down memory lane to avoid the mistakes of yesteryear.

Many will be familiar with the definition of contextual targeting – the practice of driving user engagement by serving ads to likely consumers based on the relevancy of the content. Simple, but effective, right?

Coming into prominence in the early 2000s, contextual took second place as marketers favoured the promise of one-to-one marketing from the cookie. In quick concession, contextual morphed into a keyword, brand safety avoidance solution. In fact, ‘generation one’ platforms are fundamentally the same today (albeit repackaged to do more) and core capabilities remain to be the ‘trash collectors’ of the web, aggressively removing off-brand content from the media buy.