The Complexity Of Identity In A Post-Cookie World

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Curated News from BandT on June 10, 2021

The crumbling of the cookie creates a complex situation around identity – how will brands know who, or where, their audience is without those handy cookie data crumbs?

The short answer is there is no silver bullet – any one-size-fits-all solution will have inherent limitations that may not be obvious from the outset. Advertisers who do the groundwork to re-identify their customer base via a true “trial and test” model and embrace the complexity (and opportunity) of the post-cookie world can develop more efficient and effective engagement with their customers.

What works for one brand, however, may not work for another, so advertisers need to be prepared to explore a range of approaches. Whether it’s through creative messaging, emotional targeting, or keyword usage, brands will have to think smart, go back to basics, and be flexible when it comes to engaging consumers.