MarTech Interview With Doug Stevenson, CEO And Co-Founder At Quintesse

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Curated News from MarTech on July 14, 2021

Contextual intelligence can drive better marketing ROI, so what should marketers of today keep in mind when advancing their overall contextual targeting campaigns? Doug Stevenson, CEO and Co-founder at Quintesse has some tips:

Welcome to MarTech Series Doug, tell us more about your role at Quintesse and the journey so far? 

I first entered into the contextual targeting arena in July 2000, when my co-founder and I launched Vibrant Media. Vibrant Media was one of the first pioneers in contextual technology for the adtech space. 

After a brief stint away serving as an investor and advisor to other startups, I saw that GDPR and the increased focus on privacy was going to have a massive impact on the industry and drive new interest in contextual. We launched Quintesse, an advanced contextual intelligence platform, in September 2019. The raison d’etre of Quintesse is to distill articles down to their pure essence to deliver true semantic, sentiment and emotional tone recognition for contextual targeting at scale.