How Brands Can Achieve Thoughtful and Creative Connections With Consumers

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Curated News from AdAge on August 19, 2021

The Socrates of San Francisco, Howard Luck Gossage, once wisely said, “When advertising talks about the audience, it doesn’t mean its audience, it means somebody else’s, gathered there to watch or read something else.”

However, over the past decade, the advertising industry developed an unhealthy obsession with “audience” and treating consumers as cookies or other identifiers that are shared and tracked across the internet. Ever-brilliant marketer Apple has captured this phenomenon beautifully in its Tracked video ad. Not only does the Apple ad visualize how truly invasive this “personalized” ad experience has been to consumers, but it is also a reminder that great advertising is an art. It’s compelling and cuts through the noise. It incorporates beautiful visuals and audio as well as smart copy.