The Future – Immersive and Contextually Relevant Ad Experiences

In Vibrant News by hmussard

‘Smartphones have fundamentally changed every aspect of our lives’: a concept that none of us can escape and a subject which formed a large part of the conversation at Europe’s biggest ad & marketing tech conference, DMEXCO, which took place in Cologne last month.

However, the questions on everyone’s lips weren’t just about how much mobile devices have changed our lives, but what it is that brands and marketing technology providers can do to better connect with people who are always on the go. Their attention span is dwindling and they are constantly on devices that are saturated with irrelevant and intrusive advertising experiences – it’s time to bring contextual relevancy and a new wave of digital ads into marketing focus.

EMarketer predicts that the number of global mobile phone users will climb to 4.78 billion in 2020, meaning it is now more important than ever for the industry to explore new and innovative ways of connecting brands with people. Long have brands and agencies been faced with problems around adblocking, ad fraud and viewability, so it came as no surprise that the conversation at DMEXCO wanted to not only discuss this but to bring the focus back to people, what they want and need from advertising, and how we can make them engage again.  One of the keys in this quest is to leverage new technologies like 360°/VR and AR, which tap into the power of mobile and allow people to engage with brands on whole new levels.

Vibrant Insperience is all about changing passive consumers into active participants when it comes to marketing through 360°/virtual reality and augmented reality solutions. It’s about taking the latest and greatest content assets and using them to create immersive, interactive advertising campaigns that reach and engage users in the right place, at the right moment. Compared to 2D display ads, immersive ads are seeing interaction rates that are seven times higher, with three times greater purchase intent, so not only are they engaging but they serve purpose. We expect to see this concept grow as we move into the future of digital.

It is not only about creating immersive advertising experiences; however, they need to capture and engage people in the right moment. All of Vibrant’s solutions are contextually targeted within our premium publisher network of over 6,600 publishers for maximum relevancy.  As the leader of contextual marketing, Vibrant makes is easy for brands to deliver advertising that is relevant to what people care about in the very moment, with all products topping the industry on viewability and being delivered within safe, high-quality editorial content that reaches over 450 million unique users per month. The future of digital advertising not only in mobile, but needs to be immersive, to be relevant and to be seen.