Google experiments with its own contextual ads, as privacy legislation looms

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Curated News from on September 24, 2019

Google is experimenting with contextual ads at “much lower costs” when it comes to marketing its own products—even as it leads the way as one of the most vocal proponents of the power of personal data for targeting ads online.

Marvin Chow, Google’s VP of marketing, peeled back the curtain on the company’s promotional strategy during a talk at Advertising Week on Tuesday. In one of the examples, Chow discussed how Google has run contextual ads on The Guardian website in the U.K. to promote Google Home Mini. Contextual ads analyze the articles, videos and images on a website to target the ad, instead of relying on data gathered from tracking the individual viewer’s past online behavior. The publishing industry has been looking towards contextual ads since  privacy issues began tarnishing some of the data-collection methods that have supported personalized advertising for years.