Vibrant Media Cookie Statement

In this section you will find information on what cookies may be set by Vibrant when you visit Vibrant’s Website (, a Website in the Vibrant Network, or elsewhere on the Internet (together, “Our Websites”) and how you can control those cookies. More information about our use of cookies can be found in our Privacy Policy.


A cookie is a small text file that can be stored by your browser. Cookies are used to make Our Websites and products work, or work in a better, more efficient way. Cookies make using Our Websites easier by, among other things, saving a user’s login preferences. Cookies also help is provide more relevant content and advertising. When you visit one of Our Websites, Vibrant may place one or more cookies onto your browser.


We serve content and advertisements on Our Websites that we believe are more likely to be of interest to you, based on information about your visit to one or more of Our Websites in our network (this is called “interest matching”). This information does not include your name, street address, e-mail address or telephone number. In order to do this, we may place cookies on your browser.

The following is a list of the main cookies set by Vibrant on Our Websites, and a description of many of the purposes for which we may use cookies.

  • VM_OO
  • This cookie opts the user out of collection for interest-matching advertising. If the cookie is present, no VM_ID cookie will be placed on the browser or device.
  • VM_USR
  • When these products are delivered using the In-Text javascript, this cookie is set as a result. See In-Text for entry for purpose.
  • VM_CSYNC_*
  • Cookies to allow us to sync with other providers.
  • A count of the user visits.
  • Used to prevent InView units opening too often.
  • VM_FC
  • Frequency capping to enable control how many times an ad displayed.
  • VM_PIX
  • Used to distinguish ad calls being made from the same page. This cookie helps our systems to properly align advertisements to the content of the web page based on prior contextualized page information from our servers.


Vibrant may use a number of service providers who also set cookies on our behalf in order to deliver their services. These companies typically use a cookie, Web beacon, or other technology to collect this information. If you would like more information about the cookies used by these service providers, as well as information on the availability of choice, please see their individual privacy policies listed below. Vibrant is not responsible for the cookie policies or practices of these companies.

The following is a description of certain Vibrant service providers.

  • Google
  • Google Analytics – Google Analytics (GA) is a free service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to a Website.How to control these cookies:
  • AdTech
  • ScorecardResearch, a service of Full Circle Studies, Inc., is used to help with the collection of Internet web browsing data on specific Websites that have enrolled in a broad market research effort by comScore, Inc. to create reports on Internet behavior and trends.As part of this market research effort, participating Websites agree to deploy ScorecardResearch web tags throughout their site. These tags send a message to ScorecardResearch that causes ScorecardResearch to drop a cookie. A cookie is a small amount of data, which often includes an anonymous unique identifier that is sent to your browser from a web site. This process is done so that ScorecardResearch is able to identify browser-level behavior such as new versus repeat visitors to a Website or page. ScorecardResearch uses the combination of tagging and cookies to help Websites count users who have visited and seen a page or various parts of a page. ScorecardResearch requires that any Website using its tagging and cookies include a notice about the use of tagging and cookies to collect anonymous traffic data and to state what choices are available to users regarding the use of the information collected.
    How to control these cookies:

    To read more about how ScorecardResearch uses cookies or to opt out of ScorecardResearch’s cookie usage, please visit and

  • Comscore
  • Display advertisements seen by users of Websites in the Vibrant Network are currently served by a third-party ad serving provider, Ad:Tech. The cookies accompanying the ads allow our third-party ad serving provider and our advertisers to monitor the effectiveness of the ads (e.g. by using statistical analysis cookies) and make the ads more relevant to you (e.g. you may get ads from your local country or in your local country’s language).How to control these cookies:
    To read more about how Ad Tech uses cookies or to opt out of Ad Tech’s cookie usage, please visit
  • EQ Works
  • Some display advertisements seen by users of Our Websites are currently served by a third-party inventory provider, EQ Works. The cookies accompanying these ads allow EQ Works and the advertisers to monitor the effectiveness of the ads (e.g. using statistical analysis), or for other purposes such as optimizing campaigns and making the ads more relevant to you (e.g. you may get ads from your local country or in your local country’s language).How to control these cookies:
    To read more about how EQ Works uses cookies or to opt out of EQ Works’ cookie usage, please visit


Third parties including advertisers, ad networks, and other entities may use the Vibrant Network to serve advertising content directly onto Our Websites. These entities may use cookies and other technologies to provide this advertising content. Vibrant does not have access or control of cookies or other technologies used by third parties. Some of these entities may participate in the Digital Advertising Alliance’s Self-Regulatory Program. To learn more about these participating companies, visit

Vibrant works with publisher websites that may set cookies on their own websites. To find out more about the cookies which may be set by a website publisher, please refer to the website publisher’s own privacy policy.

Vibrant may use embedded ‘share’ buttons to enable users who interact with Our Websites to easily share information with their friends through a number of popular social networks. These third party sites may set a cookie when you are also logged in to their service. Vibrant does not have access to or control over the cookies or other technologies which these third party sites use and use of their cookies is subject to their own Privacy Policies. You should check the relevant third party website for more information.


We may also process IP addresses to collect other information in order to display more geographically targeted advertisements to you, to limit the number of times you see advertisements, and fraud detection. This may include data about the country, city or region where you are located and the domain name from which you are accessing the internet (e.g. what ISP you use). We then place advertisements onto Our Websites that we believe people in advertising segment will find relevant.


We may use cookies on Our Websites for the purposes of interest matching to make the online advertisements you see more relevant to you. If you would like to find out how to opt out from interest matching by Vibrant Media for this browser or device, please click here.

We support the cross industry, Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising as managed by the Digital Advertising Alliance. To learn more about this advertising practice or to opt-out of this type of advertising, including from other companies participating in the Network Advertising Initiative and/or Digital Advertising Alliance, you can visit: (for those in the U.K).

Once you opt-out, you will continue to receive ads but they may no longer be as relevant to you.
If you opt-out through the links set out above, you should not delete your cookies. If you delete your cookies, install a new browser, or use a different browser type, you may need to opt-out again. Please note that deleting cookies or disabling future cookies may alter the functionality of Our Websites and relevancy of your online experience. This means that you may be unable to access certain areas or features of Our Websites or receive relevant advertising and it will mean that any settings such as your stored username and password may have to be reset.

For more information about Vibrant’s interest matching, please click here.

Last updated: May 24, 2018