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Who delivered this ad to you?

For Consumers:
This ad was delivered to you by Vibrant Media in partnership with the website you were just visiting.

About Vibrant Media:
Vibrant is a world leader in premium contextual and interest-based advertising, allowing top brands to deliver the most relevant ads to consumers in premium web content.

To provide you with a more relevant online experience, Vibrant may deliver ads aligned with your current interests. Your interests are identified by words displayed on web pages you visit and/or by the webpages you have recently visited, along with the ads that you have viewed and clicked on.

About Our Products:
Vibrant In-Text Ads are user-initiated ads triggered from highlighted words within the text of web content. When you move your mouse over a word or phrase of interest, an ad will appear that is relevant to the highlighted text.

Vibrant In-Image Ads are overlaid on the small lower portion of relevant editorial images. Vibrant In-Image Advertising is targeted based upon words within the text of web content and websites visited by a computer or device.

Vibrant Display Advertising are display ads delivered in standard IAB sizes. Vibrant Display Ads may be targeted based upon words within the text of web content and websites visited by a computer or device.

What Information Does Vibrant Collect?
Vibrant’s technologies do not collect or store personally identifiable user information (i.e., name, phone number, or postal address) for our Products. To learn more about the non-personally identifiable information our technology may collect and our use of cookies, please click here to review our Privacy Statement.

Our clients may separately collect non-personally identifiable or other information from you when you click on an ad. Vibrant does not govern our client’s independent collection or use of data. You should visit their privacy policies to learn more about their data practices.

We may work with service partners to provide us with data collection and reporting services to better understand overall use of our technology. These service partners may collect information on our behalf in several ways, including through the use of cookies or pixel tags. We use these service partners to better understand consumer interests to improve our services. Our service partners are bound by contract not to disclose this information to any third party.

Some of these service partners participate in self-regulatory programs including the Digital Advertising Alliance (“DAA”) and the Network Advertising Initiative (“NAI”). By visiting DAA or DAA or NAI, you are able to exercise choice with respect to the collection of data by companies participating in these programs.

To learn more about the use of cookies as part of the Vibrant Service, please visit Vibrant’s Cookie Statement.

How can I Opt-In or Opt-Out of Interest Matching?
To learn how to Opt-Out of Vibrant Interest Matching please click here.

What other options do I have for making online Ad Choices?
For more information about online advertising, see the Understanding Online Advertising page on the DAA’s Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising website and the Learn More page on the NAI website.