• Apr 13th, 2017

    Tech Talk Thursday! Is Random Really Random?


    It’s sunny, it’s Thursday, it’s a four day week in London!

    Add in the fact it’s also Tech Talk Thursday… We are bouncing around with excitement!

    So time to hand our Vibrant blog over to the smart kids in the office, the Tech team! This week we have top stories from Ighi and Calum. They’ve scoured the web and have shared the articles, sites and posts that have caught their tech imaginations this week. Enjoy and have a great weekend!



    A hand drawn map of the online world – Slovakian designer Martin Vargic has mapped out the major sites of the web. Vargic says he was inspired by an earlier map of the internet created by Randal Munroe, the programmer behind the well-known xkcd web-comic.

    Government to introduce approved website ‘whitelist’ to counter indiscriminate filters –  The government is reportedly constructing a “whitelist” of websites to counter the sometimes-indiscriminate filters internet service providers (ISPs) introduced at its requests.

    Docker Docs Hackathon Event – During DockerCon 2017, Docker’s docs team will be running the first-ever Docker Docs hackathon, and you’re invited to participate and win prizes – whether you attend DockerCon or are just watching the proceedings online.

    OK google burger king ad – Controversy was sparked with the Whooper King’s latest ad campaign. The fast-food chain had a ‘smart’ idea releasing a 15-second advert in the US which claimed there was not enough time to explain ‘all the fresh ingredient in its Whopper sandwich’. However, it didn’t quite go to plan.

    How to shuffle songs!  –  Not a new post but a classic none the less! This post has been doing the rounds this week as people seek out ‘what is random?’. Since the Spotify service launched, they have used Fisher-Yates shuffle to generate a perfectly random shuffling of a playlist. However, perfectly random means that the following two orders are equally likely to occur..