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    Jun 21st, 2017

    Direct buys and non-blind programmatic need context to solve brand safety

    Vibrant News

    The dust has largely settled after March’s brand safety scandal – however, the problem hasn’t gone away. Although some brands ...

    Jun 21st, 2017

    Is Immersive VR the Future of Advertising?

    Vibrant News

    Virtual Reality can rejuvenate advertising but it won’t solve every business problem, says report Advertising experiences in Virtual Reality (VR) and ...

    May 11th, 2017

    How Virtual and Augmented Reality Ads Improve Consumer Engagement

    Vibrant News

    In an increasingly competitive and fragmented age for electronic content providers—when ad blocking, alternative content channels, and decreased attention spans ...

    May 10th, 2017

    73% of ad buyers feel ill-informed about ad safety measures

    Vibrant News

    Just over a quarter of ad buyers and planners are confident they understand the safety measures provided by ad vendors, ...

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