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    Jul 4th, 2017

    Apps and Accessories are Biggest Barrier to VR/AR

    Vibrant News

    A study of 3,000 consumers across the US, UK and Germany has revealed that the need for additional software, apps ...

    Jul 3rd, 2017

    Biggest barriers to VR take-up are apps and accessories

    Vibrant News

    Consumers say the need for additional software, apps and hardware is the greatest barrier preventing them from experiencing virtual reality ...

    Jul 3rd, 2017

    Exploring destinations considered most compelling use of AR and VR, study finds

    Vibrant News

    A study into people’s attitudes towards augmented reality and virtual reality has found exploring holiday destinations would be the most ...

    Jun 30th, 2017

    73% Attracted to VR Ads Relating To Travel

    Vibrant News

    When it comes to accessing advertising on virtual reality and augmented reality platforms, consumers say they want to experience travel ...

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