Drive Incremental 
Revenue with Vibrant

Join our global network of premium publishers to drive substantial and incremental revenue through existing text and image editorial content, whilst maintaining a great user experience.

Please note:
Our minimum traffic requirement for new publishers is 500,000 page view per month.
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Our contextual marketing solutions lead the industry on viewability and connect people with relevant brand experiences, that they care about in that very moment.

What We Offer
Positive User Experience

Our formats provide a polite experience, with the user never needing to leave editorial pages to view the most relevant and engaging brand experiences.

The Lightest Ad Code in the Market

Our ultra-light Java Script keeps your page weight down to adhere to the IAB LEAN guidelines, and can be implemented via DFP.

Monetize your Global Editorial Content 

We leverage existing editorial content to provide quality ad placements that drive incremental revenue for publishers.

Delivered Cross-Platform

All of our solutions are responsively designed to deliver seamless experiences across all screens.

Leading Contextual
Ad Solutions

Vibrant’s products lead the industry with viewability and are brand safe, plus our custom tags are easy to implement.


Vibrant InArticle:
Users discover these immersive and highly viewable ad experiences right in the heart of your editorial content. These highly viewable placements align with what users are reading about in that very moment and provide a polite and positive user experience.

Vibrant InImage:
These highly viewable display ads overlay your quality editorial images to seamlessly capture user attention. These immersive placements are contextually targeted and relevant to the images users care about in that very moment.


Publishers have control

  • Select and block certain sections, pages, and content areas
  • Inventory is sold on a blind basis targeting keywords and verticals
  • SafeServe™ avoids monetizing inappropriate content
  • Can select or reject specific advertisements or categories
  • Set maximum number of links/ads per page
  • Opportunity to customize look and feel of InText hyperlink
  • Online reporting via a publisher dashboard
  • Publishers can block certain advertisers

“We have been working with Vibrant for over 15 years, and our partnership has developed and grown over that time. Vibrant’s unique advertising solutions are relevant to our content and include premium technology brands. In these days of adblocking and UX it’s vital that our advertising partners provide not just the best creatives but at the lightest touch, and Vibrant scores on both counts. Vibrant’s global reach has also enabled us to monetize our properties across a wide range of markets including the UK, EMEA, Nordics and APAC. it constantly works on our relationship and is always accommodating to our needs.”

Simon Jary, Publishing Director – IDG