Knorr’s ambition was to drive awareness of its existing and new ranges, introduce new Knorr Chefs and establish itself as the culinary master brand.

    Contextual Strategy

    The campaign engaged users on two levels; through relevant creative that maximised Knorr’s current video, social assets and website content; and through product/brand words placed within relevant editorial. Vibrant contextually targeted this campaign by using selected keywords relating to cooking and cooking recipes such as butter, chicken, cooking. Not only did Vibrant select these contextually relevant keywords, the ads were placed on a selection of our premium publisher sites across the food and drink network.

    Creative Execution

    Knorr chose Vibrant’s Mosaic to run this year long campaign because of it’s dynamic capabilities. To ensure that users wouldn’t become dis-engaged or show symptoms of ‘banner blindness’ to the campaign, Mosaic helped avoid this issues by dynamically pulling new content each time the campaign was user activated. Vibrant created four campaign iterations (Stock Pot, Gravy Pot, Kitchen Academy and Stock Cubes) each showcasing the different product, different expert chef, relevant recipe videos and social conversation. The campaign’s four different iterations allowed Knorr to target a wide target audience as each unit promoted a different product and showcased different recipes. Each iteration of this campaign was colour coded. This meant that Vibrant could report back to Knorr on which iterations, chefs and recipes were most successful Each custom image tile expanded to showcase a recipe unit that consumers could share, download or print directly from the unit.