• History

    Discover how Vibrant went from two entrepreneurs with a vision to change online advertising, to a Global Company with a premium publisher network and renowned product solutions.

    July 26: The beginning. Vibrant Media is founded in London with 6 employees.

    Once in a great while, the clouds of chance will overshadow the plans of men. Two entrepreneurs Craig Gooding & Doug Stevenson, had a vision to change advertising on the web by placing brand messaging within the content of the page, not around it! This original native advertising concept became the cornerstone on which Vibrant was built.

    Commercial Version of the contextual engine is launched.

    Vibrant’s algorithm is designed and built by the new tech team. Vibrant now has the ability to understand the context of any page across its network to place relevant brand messaging. British Telecom becomes Vibrant Media’s first ever advertiser.

    The Hyper Growth stage!

    In 2 years, Vibrant has quadrupled its workforce to 26 employees. Based in London, the team is acquiring more publishers to the network and attracting leading brands across the UK. Native, Contextual advertising is proving a game changer for the industry.

    Vibrant expands to the US!

    After four years in the UK, the time is right to tackle new territories and grow Vibrant’s presence overseas. Additional offices in NYC and San Fran are acquired to bring Native, Contextual advertising to US clients. Vibrant doubles its staff to 46 employees.

    The Auto City beeps Its horn!

    With a growing demand from auto clients, Vibrant opens an office in Detroit to locally serve all the great auto brands. The office becomes Vibrant’s third U.S office.

    Wind & Snow are Fully Embraced!

    Vibrant’s fourth and fifth U.S offices are launched! A fantastic team are recruited to manage Vibrant’s presence in Chicago and Boston.

    LA Baby!

    Entertainment clients on the west coast are the biggest incentive to put on our sunglasses, jump in a convertible and head west. After East coast living, Vibrant embraces the sun and opens a new office in LA. In 9 years, Vibrant globally has 250 employees

    Vibrant expand operations to APAC

    Vibrant is now able to offer local support to its global and region-specific clients, which include Amex, HP, IBM, Splenda, Paramount, Mazda, Ford and Johnson & Johnson by expanding operations in Asia-Pacific

    New native solutions are launched across all screen

    Vibrant Acquires Image Space Media (ISM) to launch a new In-Image advertising solution. Brand messages could now be launched from words and images across the web. The same year Vibrant expands its product offering to launch new CPE interactive ads. All ads go mobile to allow brands to reach and engage consumers across all screens.

    Vibrant enters the programmatic Space. Creates new Content Marketing Ad Portfolio

    Both publishers and advertisers can now take advantage of Vibrant’s content marketing solutions. Vibrant partners with leading content producers to offer content creation and amplification solutions. In the same year, Vibrant enters the programmatic industry. The single trading platform delivers a new convenience to both ad buyers and publishers as it enables native ad campaigns to be deployed at scale across smartphone, tablet and desktop devices.

    What’s next?

    Vibrant continues to innovative with new, exciting native advertising, content marketing, and programmatic solutions. All solutions can now be bought either directly or through Vibrant’s premium programmatic private exchange.