Vibrant Brings Supercharged Hyperlinks to Cannes

World In-Text Leader Presents Workshop Called “Think Beyond Banner Ads and
Pre-roll: Deliver Your Creative Through Next Generation Hyperlinks”

Attendees to Vote in 2009 Vibrant Awards

NEW YORK (BUSINESS WIRE) — Vibrant, the world leader in in-text advertising, is bringing “supercharged hyperlinks” to the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival on Thursday, June 25 at 12:30pm, to show creatives and marketers how to leverage words and phrases to deliver hundreds of millions of user-initiated ad impressions within premium content. According to one recent report on web use*, link-following continues to be the most common navigation action – accounting for as much as 45% of all page transitions. The workshop, entitled “Let’s Think Beyond Banner Ads and Pre-roll. Deliver Your Creative Through Next Generation Hyperlinks,” will address how Vibrant solutions enables supercharged links to deliver contextually relevant video and rich media ads, as well as performance metrics that marketers can count on.

In the workshop, Vibrant will also invite attendees to evaluate and vote for this year’s Vibrant Awards. They will review 20 campaigns from the world’s best brands including Unilever, Microsoft, AT&T, Coca Cola, Mini and Nintendo. Online voting will be open to members of the advertising industry by logging on to:

Let’s Think Beyond Banner Ads And Pre-Roll

Deliver your creative through next generation hyperlinks

Thursday June 25
12:30 - 14:30pm
Workshop Area Level -1

John Sedlak, Senior Vice President, Sales and Strategic Alliances
Anna Kassoway, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing and Creative

About Vibrant
Vibrant is a world leader in contextual technology and provider of the ‘next generation of hyperlinks’, aligning billions of words across the internet with relevant video, information, tools, and advertising. With over 4,000 premium publishers, reaching more than 135 million unique users per month (comScore, April 2009), Vibrant gives top brand marketers including Microsoft, Unilever, Warner Bros and Sprint the opportunity to deliver highly targeted advertisements within premium Web content and offers publishers premium editorial tools to re-circulate users throughout their websites.

*”Not Quite the Average: An Empirical Study of Web Use,” Harald Weinreich and Hartmut Obendorf, University of Hamburg; Eelco Herder, University of Hannover; and Matthias Mayer, University of Hamburg, February 2008.

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