In-Text Advertising Guidelines And Standards


  1. Vibrant In-Text Ad units should be clearly identified as an advertisement with the word "Advertisement", "Sponsor", “Vibrant Ad”, or "Ad" clearly displayed in or near the ad.
  2. Vibrant respects privacy and does not require the use of personally identifiable information (i.e., name, phone number, or postal address) of an individual user.
  3. Vibrant In-Text Ad units should be distinguished by a double-underline to help identify that the word contains an advertisement link.
  4. Vibrant In-Text Advertising is powered by our publisher-side technology. Vibrant technology is administered with the permission and support of publishing partners. Publishers add the Vibrant code into their sites. This process does not require a user to download or upload any code or software.
  5. The identification of words and phrases by Vibrant technology is an independent and automated process that takes place after the article has been posted online. At no point does this automated process change or influence the content of the site.
  6. When clicked, Vibrant In-Text Advertising links should go directly to the identified advertiser web site or advertisement.
  7. Vibrant does not work with Adult advertisers and serves advertising messages and copy that are in accordance with national advertising guidelines.
  8. Vibrant closely monitors late breaking news and political coverage ensuring that the advertising creative/copy is relevant and appropriate.
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