• In-View native ads now available programmatically

    Vibrant Media’s new format recommended by four out of five media planners and buyers

    Appnexus partnership will enable programmatic trading of all formats by Q1 2017

    The original native advertising company – Vibrant Media – has made its new In-View video, rich media and static image formats available programmatically, just four months after launch. The In-View range joins the In-Text, In-Image and Adhesion banner formats in Vibrant Media’s portfolio of programmatic native ads. Scoring 93% on viewability, In’View has an average CTR of 1-2%, which is 10 times higher than that of standard display. Partnering with Appnexus, the world’s leading independent advertising technology company, enables easy planning, buying and integration of the ad formats into campaigns across thousands of premium publishers. Vibrant is already one of the world’s largest scale desktop and mobile programmatic native advertising providers, but it is also beta testing programmatic high impact ads, including its Amplify range of content marketing formats. The ad tech supplier aims to have all of its formats available programmatically by the end of Q1 2017.

    There are four unique qualities of Vibrant Media’s programmatic native ads. Firstly, they are currently the only user-initiated programmatic ads available on a CPM basis. Secondly, brands and ad agencies can use the ads to target consumers using both editorial context and audience data through their preferred data management platform. Thirdly, they have been developed to fulfil the IAB’s LEAN principles, and so are some of the Internet’s lightest scalable native ads. Finally, the ads appear in exclusive in-content inventory of 6600 premium media titles with a monthly reach of 450 million unique users.

    “Efficiency has been the major driver for programmatic, but there’s been a lack of creativity and adaptability of programmatic campaigns. By increasing our portfolio of programmatic native ad formats, brands and media agencies can be more creative and incorporate more functions into their campaigns. Marketers can use the formats to entertain consumers and achieve a variety of campaign objectives: traffic driving, engagement, brand awareness, or any combination of these goals,” said Craig Gooding, Founder and Executive Chairman of Vibrant Media.

    Pankaj Lakhotia, Director, Product at Appnexus said, “Vibrant Media will contribute to the diversity of ad formats available through the Appnexus platform. Advertisers now have more options to target consumers with viewable, native and LEAN compliant formats placed at unique points within brand-safe editorial. Partnerships like this give marketers greater choice, flexibility and agility in campaign planning.”

    In-View Recommended By Media Execs

    Nearly 80 per cent of media planners and buyers at leading digital media agencies say they are very likely (22.22 per cent) or likely (57.14 per cent) to recommend Vibrant Media’s new In-View ad formats to their advertising clients after seeing the ad format for the first time. The In-View technology enables brands to place ads between the paragraphs of premium, relevant editorial at natural breaks within consumers’ content experience. The ads never take users away from the editorial they are reading until they choose to move on. Comments on the format’s placement from media agency executives include:

    • “The push down of content means it doesn’t feel disruptive while still remaining in the eye line of the consumer. It doesn’t start all singing/dancing as soon as you hover, which is good;”
    • “It allows the users to continue reading the content uninterrupted without having it blocked by the ad unit;”
    • “It seems more premium than popping up over the content or taking over the screen. It seems like a nice experience;”
    • “The ad sits nicely within the feed, however the hover time is quite quick to load;”
    • “It’s high impact without being too intrusive on the user experience;”
    • “Non-disruptive and relevant and 100% viewable.”

    A marked difference to the vast majority of in-feed ad formats which play automatically, In-View is the first user-initiated out-of-stream ad format. The ad campaigns only display when a user intentionally initiates the format and keeps 100% of the ad unit in view – significantly surpassing the 50% required by the IAB viewability standard for video. This quality is much lauded by planners and buyers, who said:

    • “It looks great because it is user initiated and more of a seamless experience;”
    • “It’s user-initiated and doesn’t disrupt site content for the reader;”
    • “User-initiated will give better quality leads also;”
    • “It isn’t intrusive, but it is engaging once the user rolls their mouse over;”
    • “I like that you have to hover to engage the unit;”
    • “Really like how relevant it is. It isn’t intrusive, but it is engaging once the user rolls their mouse over.”

    In-View is not restricted to a video experience. It can present a variety of ad creative on both handheld and desktop devices – including video, rich media, static images and content distribution containers – giving brands supreme opportunities to reach their campaign goals. It has been built for maximum viewability and can accommodate various brands’ budgets, audience and desire for different levels of direct response, attention and engagement. Media execs said:

    • “Impactful format – I like the ability to showcase multiple display assets;”
    •  “What is great is that you have said you can do rich media units…I don’t think there is that much else out there like this…it would be interesting to see how you can use it in all the different ways.”
    • “Love that it’s user-initiated and can hold rich media, also really relevant to the story.”


    Vibrant Media’s unique algorithm places all campaigns within contextually relevant articles, and enables brands to truly connect with their audiences, another quality identified in the feedback as important to media planners and buyers. The technology highlights words and phrases in real time, so that consumers can interact and launch In-View ads that are relevant to the content they are browsing. The system currently manages more than five million words for top advertising buyers and operates across a network of over 6,600 premium publishers. Media execs said:

    • “It’s good that it is very relevant to the content;”
    • “I think it works well and is engaging and best of all really relevant which is so key for units like this I think;”
    • “Very contextualized & native, it doesn’t tire the user’s navigation;”
    • “Really like how relevant it is.”

    Luc Jobard, Senior Digital Media Executive at, M2M Media said, “We are always looking for innovative solutions to offer our clients. Vibrant In-View is a great example of a new format that not only works well for brands, but is in the interest of the consumer. It’s the only in-feed format that is user initiated which means we are getting qualified views from consumers that actively want to watch our client’s brand videos.”


    Founder and Executive Chairman of Vibrant Media, Craig Gooding, said, “Consumers expect a hiatus in their content experience between paragraphs, so it’s an extremely viewable and engaging place to position ads. However, those ads must still respect consumer choices, be contextually relevant to the editorial but also appropriate to the campaign objectives, even if they’re purchased programmatically. Traffic driving, engagement and brand awareness are different goals. In-View is able to deliver on each of these objectives by using different creative and mechanics but in the same placement. That’s what makes these new formats work so well for brands and why their agency partners are so supportive of them.”


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    Notes to Editors

    63 planners and buyers from UK media agencies responded to the survey.


    In-View Demos and further information

    The In-View microsite is at:

    Mocked-up demonstrations of the In-View ads can be found at the links below:

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