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In 2016 German energy supplier RWE re-branded to Innogy. The brand’s main objective was to generate awareness, interest, and desire for the new brand name.


Innogy enlisted the help of Vibrant’s In-Text Solutions and premium publisher network to showcase their re-branded image within contextually relevant articles relating to lifestyle and events associated with changes in everyday life.

The first part of the Vibrant strategy included an In-Text custom video which launched from keywords within relevant articles on energy efficiency and general lifestyle. Engaging consumers with colours and questions, the video aimed to create awareness for the re-branded German energy supplier.

To create further interest and consumer desire for the brand, the following campaigns included a motto ‘What would you do if you could start again?’ and more specifically targeted lifestyle changes. The final stage saw the brand use the unit to showcase their innovative newly positioned product offering.


Vibrant’s In-Text solutions provided Innogy with the perfect platform to create brand awareness and intrigue with huge success. As a result, Vibrant will be a playing key part in the next stage of the brand’s rollout in 2017.

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