Air New Zealand

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Air New Zealand’s overall key objective was to promote the airline as a long-haul carrier and to build awareness of the travel opportunities available, including various stop over destinations, with a German audience.


Air New Zealand enlisted the help of Vibrant’s Content Creation services to help position the brand as a high quality, efficient service and to engage a German audience of predominately 40-60 year old’s. With an aim to increase awareness of the brand as a premium airline amongst this group, Vibrant commissioned content partner, Scripted, to develop compelling content that would enrich the brand creative. Vibrant generated three pieces of original content: “Make Long Haul Easy”, “Your Perfect Partner – Make the most of your travels with Air New Zealand” and an “Air New Zealand Guide”, on how to travel New Zealand all year round. Vibrant suggested the popular new In-View format to host the articles – this is a user-initiated format that positions the brand ad within the heart of premium, relevant editorial. Once interacted with, the ad takes the consumer to a full-screen experience, consisting of rich article content. The engagement-focused format encouraged consumers to interact with Air New Zealand’s content without being forced to leave the page of editorial they were originally reading.


With the In-View format providing the perfect platform for custom content marketing pieces,  Air New Zealand were able to surpass their campaign objectives. By presenting the brand as a premium content provider, Air New Zealand is providing an experience that consumers want to pay attention to. The average dwell time for the top viewed article is 243 seconds, with the attention quality of the campaign as a whole reaching 71.34%. This is high above the MOAT benchmark of 29.9%.


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