Vibrant has DTSG Brand Safety Seal Renewed!

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Brand safety is at the heart of everything we do. 18 years ago when Vibrant was created, the core purpose was to find relevant, brand safe environments for advertisers. Our founders thought the irrelevant ads littered in the corners of crammed web pages, provided no user experience and ultimately damaged brand reputation. Vibrant was founded to make advertising better for all.

Industry verification 

18 years on and we are still leading the industry for brand safety. As well as our own proprietary brand safety technology, Vibrant joined The Digital Trading Standards Group (DTSG) to adhere to industry codes of conduct for best practice on ad placement.

DTSG is a cross industry working group managed by JICWEBS. The group created a set of high level Principles aimed at minimizing the risk of ad misplacement and their role is to independently assess whether a business is compliant with these Principles. Upon successful completion, businesses are issued a Certificate and Seal of Compliance from JICWEBS, demonstrating their commitment to brand safety.

Vibrant Renews DTSG Seal of Compliance!

We are delighted to announce that Vibrant has just had its DTSG seal of compliance renewed. After a very thorough audit, we were able to demonstrate how all of our processes and operational teams adhere to the strictest set of internal guidelines to provide the most brand safe environments for advertisers.

We’d like to say a big thank you to all of the Tech and Ops people at Vibrant who worked with DTSG and continue to do a sterling job every day. We really do care about our brands and it’s great to have the seal to show that by trading with Vibrant, they can trade with confidence!