What advertisers need to focus on as they prepare for the metaverse

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Curated News from VentureBeat on April 4, 2022

Web3 is here and the metaverse has arrived along with it. It is no secret that this “embodied internet” is increasingly becoming an important channel for companies around the world, but most do not know how to interact with it yet. Even though it is still in early development, the metaverse holds the opportunity for brands to redefine how they interact with consumers and ensure long-term success in the future. Brands can’t afford to not plan today for the experiences they will deliver in the metaverse for years to come.

Advertising and marketing in the metaverse particularly require a smart approach to ensure ads are relevant, respectful, contextualized and reward-based. Brands will be expected to provide real value and embed themselves seamlessly into the context of the environment that surrounds them.